Here at Affordable Contracts LLC, our contract negotiation consultants provide help with contract design, review and negotiation. We'll be by your side.

Our core services covers three critical areas.

1.  Contract preparation-developing new contract documents

2.  Contract review-existing/renewal or acquisition contracts or vendor provided agreements

3.  Negotiations-price, delivery and terms and conditions

Contract negotiation is an area where many small to medium businesses lack the information or expertise to leverage favorable pricing, terms, and conditions.  Contract results are best when both parties are able to walk away from a negotiation with a "win-win" attitude and a satisfactory contract in hand.  Just getting a good price does not mean that you got great terms and conditions or other obligations that will adversely affect you at a later time.

With decades of experience your contract negotiation consultants at Affordable Contracts LLC  learned that there is a difference between a good contract and a great one as well as there are great prices and then there is the right price.  We can help you get the best contract at the right price whether you need comprehensive work on an agreement or on a one-off engagement we are here to help you.

Before you think about beginning a negotiation ask yourself the following questions.

1.  Have we ever negotiated a contract for this type of product or service?

2.  Has the supplier or vendor been upfront and transparent with you regarding exactly what    they are going to provide and that it will be accurately document in the contract?

3.  Has the supplier or vendor been receptive to your requests for changes to a contract?

4.  Are you getting the Service Level Commitments from the supplier or vendor that you need?

5.  Are we sure that we understand the terms and conditions presented and that we have not missed critical information that should have been included?

If you have concerns about how you answered any of the above questions you need the contract negotiation consultants at Affordable Contracts LLC at your side.  We will be there throughout the entire process.

What We Negotiate

Price/Terms & Conditions (T&C's) are the primary considerations.  This includes product cost, delivery, risk, insurance indemnification, warranties, service levels and a host of other important issues that could affect your agreement.  If your vendor or supplier does not have a contract template they want us to begin with your contract negotiation consultants at Affordable Contracts LLC will prepare and provide a comprehensive contract document with the appropriate terms and conditions included.

Contract renewals are just as important as new contracts when it comes to ensuring that the proper terms and conditions are included in the contract.  Business conditions change over time and a comprehensive review of renewals is important to ensure that your contract is up to date and adequately protects you until the next renewal.

Merger/Acquisition contracts as a result of your company combining opportunities with other organizations presents a whole host of potential complications.  Many of these contracts may have serious effects on your anticipated savings.  When merging or acquiring another opportunity their vendor contracts may have special requirements in them that must be met before you can begin to use the product or service they brought with them.  This can create major issues for you.  Some contracts may require you to repurchase the product or service.  It might require you to pay a higher price than what the organization that you just acquired was paying.  You might even have to quit using the product or services.

The Process

Initially, we will both sign a Nondisclosure Agreement to protect confidentiality.  Then, depending upon where you are in the contracting stage your contract negotiation consultants will begin with a comprehensive discussion with you to determine exactly what you are trying to accomplish and how we can help you get to the final finished contract successfully.  Once we have that understanding we will present you with a written quotation covering the estimated amount of time needed to achieve your desired contract.  If you accept our proposal we will then present you with our consulting agreement (you can see a sample copy in the About Us tab and then the T&C tab).  Once the agreement is in place we can immediately begin providing you with the services you need to get the contract underway.  Naturally, our internal process with the vendor/supplier is much more complicated than what we just described.  Your contract negotiation consultants will review vendor/supplier contract(s), price/terms & conditions, perform negotiations, coordinate with you for review of initial contract draft and much more as the process continues.

The end result is your approving and executing a contract that meets your needs and is fair and equitable for all parties involved.  A successful "Win-Win" for everyone!